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Jan and Oliver

You sit in front of your screen, and you want to follow the step by step of your plan as you learned in the Live Trading Camp; you watch your family of stocks waiting for an opportunity to present itself and suddenly you see a big bullish gap in one of them.

You learned that you could play against this position, so you immediately think about taking the short… the market opens and before you notice you enter into the short trade with a heavy position; for a moment the stock goes in your favor and suddenly… all the red fades and the stock goes against you with strength exiting by Maximum Loss Per Trade (MLPT) or even Maximum Loss Per Day (MLPD).

Then you think:

“This is happening again! Why does this occur so frequently? did I enter too quickly?

was it a good gap to play?”


If you can relate to this scenario, this Coaching Bootcamp is for you

In many cases one or more factors may be contributing to this negative trading experience when fading gaps:

  • You are not clear about the stock that will be your priority at the open.
  • You do not have a defined system to prepare yourself and identify the best gaps.
  • You are afraid of missing a good trade.
  • You allow your ego to be the one to make decisions about the position of your play.
  • There are no clear parameters in your plan to make decisions before trading to fade the gap.


This is what this upcoming Coaching Bootcamp with Jan Humme is all about, a way to improve your skills and probabilities of success fading gaps by having a clear system of preparation and evaluation of your results in these plays.

The Bootcamp Coaching with Jan Humme will give you the tools to identify the fade of the gaps with the highest probability of success by learning How to Fade Gaps at the Open.

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In this Coaching Bootcamp Jan will cover the following topics:

  • Develop a complete set of routines to prepare yourself to play the Gaps at the open.
  • Analyze factors such as Gap size, location, and potential reward.
  • Identify appropriate stocks for counter position plays to fade the Gaps.
  • Verify the Fab 4 and the best location to fade the Gaps.
  • Evaluate and improve your results after playing the Gaps each morning.


You will see all of this in practice during the event!


“The last Bootcamp on the surge off the 200ma was very key, that way we learn how to identify a true surge off the 200ma and our edge in the market by collecting statistics on this powerful tactic off the open. It helps approaching a trade with confidence and eliminate any thought before and during a trade. I can't wait for the upcoming Bootcamp who will be even better since we will learn how to rank and therefore select which stock to trade at the open.”
Loïc Milne
“The Bootcamp was one of the best investments I’ve made alongside Coaching with Jan, he taught us how to approach the 200 moving average play and take stats on it applying structure. in just the last few months my trading has improved dramatically thanks to the Bootcamp! The 200ma is my main money-making machine! I highly recommend taking future Bootcamps and Coaching with Jan. It’s a no brainer!”
Diego Cortes Lopez
“The last Bootcamp was absolutely awesome and essential for people serious about the method we are learning from Oliver Velez and Jan Humme. To be able to focus on a key event/play and drill down to see how the stats work out builds tremendous confidence when trading those events in real time!”
Patrick G.
“I attended Jan's last Bootcamp, Surges from the 200ma, and it was amazing. Not only did Jan do a deep dive into this trading strategy, but he gave us the framework for how to look for and analyze data for any strategy that we may be interested in to determine how effective it is. The session was very hands on and engaging. I highly recommend attending Jan's Bootcamps. I know that I will be attending the next one when it comes up. “
Benjamin Joyce

Oliver has chosen Jan Humme to accompany you.


Jan joined iFundtraders in 2015. Since then, he has attended all of IFT’s programs, he has taken the “Trade The Open Like a Boss” and “Live Trading Camp” sessions many times, and Jan has also been a member of Oliver’s Black Team since 2017.


He is the director of Oliver’s Coaching program, where he has accompanied and guided hundreds of traders for more than 3 years providing his experience and knowledge to help them give structure to their trading while they gain the right experience.

Coaching Bootcamp With Jan Humme: How to Fade Gaps at the Open

This training includes two live sessions, a teaching and practice session focused on How to Fade the gaps for a counter position play:


First session on June 15 at 9:00 am NY time (this event will be recorded so you can study it multiple times, approximate time 4 hours)

Second session on June 29 at 9:00 am NY time (follow-up and review session, approximate time 1.5 hours) 


**You will receive an email with the recordings at the end of each session, this will be available for six months

Price for IFT members


$195 USD

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