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As a trader you have been able to learn a lot of things and you know that it is important to keep moving forward in your process to be profitable, but:

You feel that you need to know more details about the tactics and plays that Oliver teaches if you really want to perform them properly…

You know that the strategies and tactics you learn are effective and have a high probability of success, but you don’t have a record that allows you to check it…

You have doubts or fear before you take a trade because you feel that you lack experience, skills or that the identification of your entry is not reliable…

You need to start creating your statistics and track your records, but you don’t know where to start and how to structure your analysis…


Do you relate to any of these situations?

Then the Coaching Bootcamp with Jan Humme is made for you, keep reading

Many traders face big problems when they try to apply multiple strategies at the same time or correct several mistakes at once… 

Today they use a strategy, a play or an entry event thinking they have found the “secret ingredient” to their trading; but once they experience a couple of losing trades, they start looking for that “secret” again to become profitable….

This cycle can repeat itself many times, affecting the trader’s confidence and preventing them from moving forward…

The lack of control and tracking of results, as well as inconsistency in trading, create “bad experience”.

We open the doors for the first time today to the Coaching Bootcamp with Jan Humme: a direct event, specialized in building knowledge, experience and confidence one tactic at a time.

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In the Coaching Bootcamp with Jan you find:

  • Specific knowledge on one of the tactics taught by Oliver to trade the market open, this time: Power Surge off the MA200


  • Structured method for analyzing the results produced by this tactic to build your skills and confidence when trading it.


  • An easy-to-use spreadsheet format for developing your own statistics and analysis to give you confidence in yourself and in the tactic


  • Dozens of historical charts focused on developing your skills and helping you improve the identification and execution of your trades based on this tactic

Oliver has chosen Jan Humme to accompany you.

Jan joined iFundtraders in 2015. Since then, he has attended all of IFT’s programs, he has taken the “Trade The Open Like a Boss” and “Live Trading Camp” sessions many times, and Jan has also been a member of Oliver’s Black Team since 2017.

He is the director of Oliver’s Coaching program, where he has accompanied and guided hundreds of traders for more than 3 years providing his experience and knowledge to help them give structure to their trading while they gain the right experience.

Bootcamp with Jan Humme: Power Surge off the MA200 at the Open

This event has two live sessions, a teaching and a practice session focused on the PowerSurge off the MA200. It includes:

  • First session on August 19 at 9:00 am NY time (this event will be recorded so you can study it multiple times. It will last approximately 4 hours)

  • Second session on September 9 at 9:00 am NY time (follow-up and reinforcement session, it will last approximately 1.5 hours)

* You will receive the worksheet for the analysis of the charts used in the event, these charts are chosen from historical data focused on a single action for each tactic.

Exclusive price for active Coaching members


$95 USD

Price for IFT members


$195 USD

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