Oliver’s Coaching Program With Jan

Jan and Oliver

Oliver Velez has chosen one of his Black Team members to create a coaching for his IFT traders community.

The main objective of the program is to give structure to your development as a trader, ensuring what you will be accumulating «good experience» while avoiding «bad experience.»

Many traders accumulate a lot of «bad experience», and this is mainly due to lack of structure during their development.

One day they try a tactic, another day another, they tend to take profits ahead of time, they do not respect their stops and do not pay risk attention … As a result, these traders end up confused, and their path to success is unnecessarily long. In some cases, accumulated bad experience can even stop them from being successful.

As a coaching member you will enjoy an appropriate guide during your development as a trader, in order to ensure that you accumulate good experience instead of bad experience. You will be taught how to use Oliver’s famous checklist as a trading plan and execute it without any doubt.

A large part of each coaching session is dedicated to reviewing the trades sent by the members (that is, you, your operations!), Providing valuable feedback to both trader and the other members of the group.

Jan Humme

Oliver Velez has selected Jan Humme as your iFT Coach.

Jan joined Ifundtraders in 2015. Since then, he has participated in all IFT programs, he has often taken the sessions «Trade The Open Like A Boss» and «Live Trading Camp», and Jan has also been a member of the Oliver´s Black Team since 2017.

Jan has a Dutch nationality, but lives in Malaga, Spain, speaks English and Spanish.

Oliver’s Coaching Program With Jan

The Coaching Program consists of 8 sessions of 120 minutes each; 2 sessions per week.

Being in the Lifetime Coaching Program will be very beneficial to you as Oliver has mentioned the value of repetition in the learning process, as well as the feedback provided to all the program members.

In this Coaching Program, we will focus on:

We are going to show you the events, types of entries, additions, locations and settings of Stops and profits, as Oliver Velez teaches.
The Master Trading List
We will review your trades and the trades of other students in the class.
Trading Reviews
You are going to learn how to do a trading journal correctly, so that your Trader development process accelerates.
Keeping A Trading Journal

Membership for life (one-time payment )


$1295 USD


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