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But, who am I ?


People say that I am an easy to understand, generous and very sincere mentor. I have even been called " life changer", which makes me proud, knowing that I contribute to make more people happy, to achieve financial freedom and that they love this philosophy of life.

I'm sure I will have detractors, but those, for sure, have not been trained in any of my courses.

I have been a professional trader for over 37 years. I founded and grew Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc., one of the nation's leading educational institutions for professional investors and traders.

I am also a consultant, entrepreneur, author of 5 books on trading and a trainer, but maybe you already know that.

I am completely excited to know that tens of millions of traders from all over the world have attended my seminars and events. As well as having trained more than 10,000 traders on 5 different continents to date.

My mission is to bring the world of investments to more people and try to change many more lives and break codes in this profession. Because I love trading, teaching and helping.