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Acquire the professional foundations to trade the markets and progress firmly in your Journey as a Trader

Starter Trading Kit

Start training yourself professionally as a trader.

¡Do it at your own pace!

You are concerned about the idea of making a large investment in a complete training program but you want to start your journey as a trader from solid foundations...

You think that Trading is very difficult and you have doubts that you can learn what it takes to be successful in this business…

Do you want to trade to generate additional income that depends exclusively on you, without having a boss and without the restriction of a schedule...

You want to have professional foundations to develop your Trading and you want them to be clear and simple, so that you can fully understand them and apply them 100%...

When Trading on your own, you have felt that you don't have enough tools to trade and achieve the profitability you want...

If you relate with one or more of these statements…

Stay and read everything I have to tell you because this interests you. .

The world we know today is very different from that of 42 years ago.

The Internet did not exist and information was scarce, even more so for a teenager who wanted to do Trading, as was my case.

With no books, no tutors, no training programs, no chance to break into a Wall Street firm, the only option I had was to do it on my own.

And that's what I did, but it was extremely difficult.

My first years in Trading were the most complex and darkest of my life, I suffered from depression and felt like a failure as I took loss after loss.

But I stuck to my goal of becoming a real trader, a profitable trader.

It was for this reason that when I achieved success, I decided to teach everything I knew and thus make Trading available to everyone...

So that no one would have to go through this path alone, like I had to. To be able to give each person the cornerstones on which to build their process as a trader. That is the reason why I have become a mentor to traders and why I have developed this course.

I present to you my course: Starter Trading Kit, it is a short, concise and powerful course that will allow you to acquire the professional bases to do Trading and put you on the right path towards profitability.

With Starter Trading Kit

You will be able to understand the movements of the market with clear and simple tools.

You will obtain basic knowledge to start Trading, define if you are ready to start your training process as a trader and prepare for the next step.

You will learn techniques and strategies that you can implement 100% in your Trading.

You will learn about my work methodology, my fundamental strategies and my way of transmitting knowledge so that you can determine if I am the appropriate mentor to teach you, train you and accompany you on the path to becoming a profitable trader.

You will have access to carefully selected content to train you in the basics of Trading from the different dimensions that you need to work on to be successful in this profession: from technical bases and fundamental strategies, to the planning process, organization and emotional work.

In my Starter Trading Kit I have gathered the first tools and basic knowledge that I wish I had at my fingertips when I started my trading journey.

✔ The fundamental concepts to understand 90% of market movements.

✔ Why novices constantly make mistakes when the market falls and how to take advantage of this situation.

✔ The fundamentals of knowing when to buy or sell based on market movement.

✔ My secret to be consistent in Trading.

✔ The lessons contained in losing trades and how to turn them in your favor.

✔ The key that most traders are unaware of and that prevents them from achieving their desired results.

✔ One of my favorite strategies and how to apply it in the market.

✔ A simple way to read market moves by identifying the 4 types of candles

✔ How to manage the risk in your trades and tip the balance in your favor.

✔ My ABC organization system to obtain results and improve your Trading progressively and constantly.

✔ Identify in various charts the most powerful Trading strategy.

✔ How to use one of the most important resources of civilization to enhance your Trading, monitor your process, correct failures and improve your results.

✔ What are the components of an Trade and how to approach them to achieve profitability.

✔ Why most people who try to trade fail and what is required to be successful in this activity.

✔ What is the most important indicator for Day Trading and how to use it.

✔ Understand the potential for profitability and freedom you can achieve by Trading the market's open.

✔ What is the time you should invest in your training process as a trader.

✔ My strategy to manage negative emotions in Trading and how to overcome them.

✔ The work methodology that I develop with my traders so that they apply the tactics and strategies properly in their own trades.

✔ What are the stages that every person needs to go through in their process to become a successful trader.

✔ How to live and overcome the moments in which losses take over your results.

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That's 37 years of experience as a professional trader condensed into 11 absolutely powerful lessons.

Lesson 1

Understand 90% of what happens in the stock market, with the 4 most important types of bars.

Lesson 2

Markets don't always go up. What to do and how to manage falls.

Lesson 3

From frustration to growth. How to turn failed trades into opportunities.

Lesson 4

Discover my favorite strategy in detail.

Lesson 5

Learn about risk management, optimize your trades so that you start earning more than you lose

Lesson 6

From mind to paper: The importance of capturing your ideas and their application in Trading

Lesson 7

Discover the path to consistent results with the 7 components that every trade must have

Lesson 8

Find out what makes me different from the other “Trading Mentors”

Lesson 9

The indicator you should use to trade after the Market's Open

Lesson 10

Experience what it is like to trade the market's open

Lesson 11

From shadow to success. My story on the way to professional Trading.

The foundations of Trading explained in a simple way with real examples so that you can put them into practice, in a completely virtual format.

Acquire the professional bases to Trade the markets and advance with firm steps in your process as a trader

One-time payment

̶$̶7̶9̶7̶ ̶U̶S̶D̶

$297 USD


✅ 11 lessons from the most powerful Trading

✅ 37 years of experience condensed in more than 4 hours of audiovisual material

I want to learn the professional foundations of Trading to progress on my journey towards profitability.

Do you have any questions?

Yeah! The Starter Trading Kit is hosted on the Hotmart platform where you can make your payment in installments. The conditions and the number of installments are different for each country and you can review them before making the purchase.

In English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Yes. There are 11 lessons in video format that you can watch at your own pace and repeat as many times as you want.

Yeah! You will learn the foundations of Trading explained in a simple, practical way that allows you to have a solid and professional structure.

Of course. You will be able to complement your knowledge, clarify concepts and strategies and you will acquire the foundations to trade in a professional manner that will allow you to improve your results.

Includes technical support with the platform on which the course is hosted.

Acquire the professional bases to Trade the markets and advance with firm steps in your process as a trader

One-time payment

̶$̶7̶9̶7̶ ̶U̶S̶D̶

$297 USD


✅ 11 lessons from the most powerful Trading

✅ 37 years of experience condensed in more than 4 hours of audiovisual material

I want to learn the professional foundations of Trading to progress on my journey towards profitability.

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