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The 14 most revealing sessions

with Oliver Velez's elite professional traders

Do you want to start your training as a trader?

Start to educate yourself professionally in Trading.

Do it at your own pace!

Because THE TRADING is more than just buying a stock for a dollar and selling it for two…

Trading is a set of technical and psychological elements, trade journaling, event identification… and more.

In the Starter Trading Kit I have put together 14 classes where I explain and teach you various elements, knowledge, and techniques that will give you professional foundations for your Trading.

These are exclusive lessons that my traders in training have received and concentrate my knowledge and experience of more than 36 years of Trading the markets professionally.

These concepts are valid in any market environment and have content of incalculable value so that you can create the solid foundations for your Trading.

Angel David de la Cruz is only 15 years old and already well on his way to being a trader with a mind of steel.

Vicente Castillo has been with other mentors, but he could not understand the indicators they taught him. He now feels much more confident when it comes to Trading because he knows that he is doing it with the simple strategies tested by Oliver.

Whether you're just starting to trade or want to deepen your Trading sophistication, these 14 video sessions are for you.

You can watch the videos at your own pace, as many times as you want.

Acquire knowledge about different key elements of professional Trading.

Be part of one of the largest and most committed trading community.

What's included in the Starter Trading Kit?

In these 14 video sessions, totaling 30 hours of pure training value, Oliver teaches an array of tactics, techniques, and strategies; step by step and with the support of his best professional traders.

Also, you will be able to watch the videos at your own pace and as many times as you'd like. You can start with the one you prefer, as they are independent sessions recorded with Oliver's most advanced students and professional elite traders.

Video 1: Stages of a trade

Learn about the different stages of a trade and learn what you should do in each of them.

Video 2: The right moments to add and take profits

Based on the reviews I have carried out on my traders' trades, I teach you the proper way to trade taking into account the stock's price movement and the proper risk management so that you have your trades under control.

Video 3: Pure plays, do you know them?

Learn how to classify your trades by events in the proper location. This will give you the context you need to take high-probability plays and increase the chance of having profitable trades.

Video 4: Expansion and contraction. Learn the impact of different market states on your trades

The market can only do three things: go up, go down, or stay sideways. What should you do when the market has expanded? And when does it expand? In this session I teach you to identify the different movements of the market and what events you should look for in each case

Video 5: "Free money" trade: Tail Bars

Learn to recognize trading setups where the probability of winning is so high that you could (almost) say it's free money.

Video 6: The Match: Color, Position, Trend

Learn what parameters you must keep in mind to enter a trade and use your Trading checklist efficiently to increase your odds.

Video 7: Join the bars, and respect your maximum loss per trade

Sometimes it's necessary for you to stop focusing on the individual bars that the stock produces and look at a group of them in order to gain a greater understanding of the direction of the market. Additionally, in this session, I will give you key elements so that you can work on your maximum loss and keep your Trading under control

Video 8: Trade explanation. Detailed analysis from practice

In this session, I make observations and corrections to the trades of my traders. Learning both from the successes and mistakes of others is an excellent method to improve your Trading.

Video 9: Calculate your average loss: the psychology behind the dirty glass

Learn how to calculate how much you should enter a trade with to have control over your losses. In addition, we are going to reflect on your progress and where you are in your journey so that you learn to see it in a more objective and realistic way.

Video 10: "Not every dollar is yours." Fire your stocks when they don't work

The market creates many moves that can potentially be profitable, but only some of those moves are yours. You must learn to classify your opportunities according to the conditions that are in your Trading plan. That will help you manage the risk and control of your account and that is being taught in this session.

Video 11: Make my experience your own and choose your stocks wisely.

The novice is always looking for something new because he believes that what he already has is not enough and that he doesn't make progress. You already have what you need: my experience and my knowledge. Learn to work with stocks that are consistent with the size of your account and the risk that you can assign per trade.

Video 12: I am your experience until you have your own.

In this session, we are going to delve into the value of the experience that I share with you and how it becomes an element of value for your path in Trading. I will be your mentor until you put into practice everything I teach you over and over again until you make it your own experience.

Video 13: Add a zero to your P&L

When you are in a training process you cannot measure your development and your results in relation to the gains you obtain. So how do you evaluate your process? In this session, I teach you to put the focus in the right place.

Video 14: Go a little further. Trading is like a puzzle

A puzzle of a thousand pieces is not put together in a specific order. Each piece counts and has its place. The more pieces you put together, the more it starts to make sense until you finally see the whole picture. Trading is like a puzzle, learn to put the pieces together.

Also, if you access before MONDAY the 27th at 23:59, New York time, you will get:


You will be able to resolve any questions or concerns you have about these sessions. These types of live sessions are really revealing and elevate your trading. (Valued at $350 USD approx.)

And for your complete peace of mind…

You will have unlimited access to the Kit for life

And you can have access to an exclusive email address for you to send any questions regarding these video sessions

Even if you set your pace, we will be there.

Rodin Delgado está Rodin Delgado is committed to his Trading journey and has obtained great results

Programas Self Star (Complete Trader Program ahora), Master Trader y Trade for Wealth

“I started 2 years ago in the Self Start program and today I am in the Master Trader and Trader for Wealth programs. Wealth Coaching is one of the IFT programs and the one that has impacted me the most. My mentor, Oliver, guides us step by step through investing and taking the right steps to achieve true freedom. During this process, I have had very good profits and I continue to develop skills in the different dimensions of the day trading market, swing, core, wealth, and legacy. I am also doing very well in Bitcoin. Oliver is the best trader, an excellent mentor and he is a great human being.”

You can still make your Trading count

Elevate your Trading through these sessions. You already have the tools

Take advantage of this launch price


̶$̶7̶9̶7̶ ̶U̶S̶D̶

$297 USD


✅ 14 study sessions with 30 hours worth of training email support

✅ Extra BONUS with Oliver


The Stock Exchange is an exciting and (very) profitable discipline, but in order to be successful in it, very specific preparation and training is needed, which demands the best of each one of us. Now you have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge of someone with more than 36 years of experience and see how other professional traders (and students) operate the markets with his methodology

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