On this Trading wall I want to share with you what other traders have already achieved, what they feel and think, or the barriers they had and have overcome.

I invite you to know them

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Daniel Martinez has achieved the freedom he desired thanks to the right training and the discipline to do his best every day.

Self Start (Complete Trader Complete now), Master Trader, and Live Trading Camp programs.

Laura Alvarez has been able to reconcile her work and family life, generating resources for herself and her household.

Self-Start Program (Complete Trader Complete now)

Victor and Karla work on their trading together and train every day to achieve their goals.

Self-Start Program (Complete Trader Complete Now)

Rodin Delgado is committed to his trading process and has achieved great results.

Self Star (Complete Trader Complete now), Master Trader and Trade for Wealth programs.

"I started 2 years ago in the Self Start program and today I am in the Master Trader and Trade for Wealth programs. Wealth training is one of IFT's programs and the one that has impacted me the most. My mentor, Oliver, guides us step by step through the investments and taking the right steps to achieve true freedom. During this process I have had very good earnings and I continue developing skills in the different dimensions of the day trading market, swing, core, wealth and legacy. I am also doing very well in Bitcoin. Oliver is the best trader, an excellent mentor and a great human being.”
Rodin Delgado

Carlos Garcia joined the program without knowing anything about trading and in less than a year he has changed his life.

Trade For Wealth Program

"This program has the potential to change anyone's life, as long as they are willing to take the next step. Before I took the wealth course I was completely unaware of how the financial world worked and not knowing it is to be condemned to be poor. In less than a year of joining the program, my financial life and my family's life has changed forever. The wealth program is understandable for everyone and with Oliver Velez we have everything very well explained. It has definitely been the best investment of my life. I recommend it 100%.”
Carlos García

Diego Mata had a big financial loss, but with the training he received he has been able to recover and multiply his investment.

Trade For Wealth Program

“Thanks to the wealth program I literally recovered all the capital I had lost in 2017 in the first Bitcoin bubble and even doubled it with the investments we have made in cryptos and in stocks that Oliver told us. It totally changed my mindset and really taught me what it is to create wealth for our legacy, to manage it and to take advantage of the ups and downs of the markets to invest for the long term.. It is invaluable to have direct access to see how a professional like Oliver Velez analyzes, selects and manages his investments. Eternally grateful to be here.”
Diego Mata

Braulio Bustos changed his vision of the trading world and overcame frustration thanks to the practical, simple and easy to understand methodology.

Live Trading Camp Program

Frank Contreras learned the tactics and strategies to apply in the market opening..

Live Trading Camp Program

Gunjan Gautam in a short time has acquired the knowledge that, without a mentor, would have taken him years to learn.

Live Trading Camp Program

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Sindy Zambrano

Paola Charry

Xochipilli Molina

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