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Are you interested in investing but need help knowing where to start?

Gain the knowledge that great investors use to manage their money, build wealth, and overcome financial crises.


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Money moves the world, but the vast majority of people do not know how the financial system works and do not know how to invest.

This course will teach you the essential knowledge to "decipher" the economy and take control of your finances.

These are 10 lessons in which I have summarized 37 years of knowledge and professional experience.

With "How to Understand the Economy in Times of Crisis to Build Generational Wealth", you will learn the basics of the financial system and market movements to understand how to protect your money and your future.

I want to learn the basics to start investing

Who I am?

I am Oliver Velez and my mission is to teach and accompany people like you who wish to enter the world of investments.

For more than 4 decades, I have studied the history of money. I have observed market moves throughout several cycles, which has led me to obtain deep theoretical and practical knowledge that I want to share with you.

In all these years, I have accompanied tens of thousands of people on this path who have learned the importance of investing for the long term and have been able to enter this world with knowledge and confidence.

Sometimes, all you need to take the first step is to understand how the economic system works to tip the balance in your favor and protect your money.

That is why I have created this practical and short course, where you can access privileged knowledge that has allowed thousands of people to understand the economy in times of crisis to build generational wealth.

And if you wish, I can help you too.

Through this course, you will have access to high-level knowledge that will provide you with the understanding you need to know how to take care of your money, put your fears aside and understand how to take your first steps in the world of investments.

“How to Understand the Economy in Times of Crisis to Build and Protect Generational Wealth" includes 10 lessons that will help you to:

Understand clearly and simply the current economic situation, the market, the use of basic terms and how to protect your money during times of crisis.

Learn about the history of money and understand how debt and FIAT currencies work to start investing in assets that do not depreciate.

Study and understand the history of market cycles and their importance for long-term investing.

Learn to distinguish between the different types of assets that exist.

Start identifying investment opportunities.

Learning the basics for building an investment portfolio

Develop financial skills for day-to-day decision-making and long-term investments.

Understand the principles to start investing to achieve your personal goals.

You will be able to watch the news and understand the context and every term of what is happening.

Get immediate access to all the content on

“How to Understand the Economy in Times of Crisis to Build and Protect Generational Wealth”

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$47 USD

✅ 10 powerful lessons with immediate access

The information and knowledge that I share with you in this course will allow you to open the doors of long-term investments because you will:

  • Understand how the economy works and be able to stop being a victim of the financial system.
  •  Leave behind the fear and uncertainty of investing.
  • Transform your finances and understand how to protect your capital.
  •  Understand the potential that exists in the market and how to put it in your favor.
  • Understand how to create wealth for your future by understanding the economic environment of the moment.
  • Make the mindset change you need to be an investor.
  • Understand how to get the most out of the economy in times of crisis.

Unique content of immense value… for a symbolic price!

Access to

“How to Understand the Economy in Times of Crisis to Build and Protect Generational Wealth”

$47 USD

These are the 10 powerful lessons that you will have immediate access to when you register:

Lesson 1

Start living and stop surviving

Lesson 2

How do you make inflation work in your favor and stop being a robbery?

Lesson 3

Understand how the market works and avoid the evaporation of your savings.

Lesson 4

Why convert your cash into assets?

Lesson 5

Why are banks insolvent, and how to protect ourselves from a collapse?

Lesson 6

Understand the economy and generate wealth in your future

Lesson 7

Tired of seeing that, despite having a good income, day after day you see how you can buy less things and you don't know what to do about it?

Lesson 8

Do you want to stop being a slave to money?

Lesson 9

See the results of what can be achieved when you understand the market cycle we're currently in.

Lesson 10

The world is in trouble, how do you mentally prepare yourself to see opportunities in times of crisis?

This course will forever change how you understand economics and investing.

When you finish studying all the content,

You will have the peace of mind of understanding what is happening to make decisions based on knowledge and not fear.

You will learn the concepts and acquire the correct mindset and psychology to be a long-term investor.

You will have the ability to identify opportunities based on the economic concepts learned and not on FOMO or the buy or sell signals you see on any given website.

10 great lessons to understand the financial system and start your path as an investor.

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“How to understand the economy in times of crisis to build generational wealth”

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$47 USD

✅ 10 powerful lessons with immediate access

If you have any questions, I'll help you solve them here.

Of course. The information I share with you is given in a simple and clear way that will allow you to understand each concept and how to apply it on a daily basis.
It is perfect for you. You will acquire the basic knowledge that frames the world of investments and allow you to take the first step.
It will be very useful to you and help you understand how to do it better.

Las lecciones tienen una duración que podrás ver a tu ritmo y en el momento que vaya mejor para ti.

No. Todas las sesiones están grabadas. No se incluyen sesiones en directo ni asesorías.

No. All sessions are recorded. Live sessions or advice are not included.
Through the course access platform, you can pay by credit card, transfer, and deposit.

It's time to learn how to protect your money and start investing in your future!

Your first step into the world of investments with professional foundations is here.

Access now

“How to understand the economy in times of crisis to build generational wealth”

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$47 USD

✅ 10 powerful lessons with immediate access

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